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  • Q. Do we need to use a form release agent?
    • A.
    • The columns inside the paper forms are composed of water-proof materials which can be easily separated. No extra form release agent needs to be applied. This is considered another advantage of the eFree forms. 


  • Q. How do we handle waste materials after?
    • A.
    • eFree forms are environment-friendly paper forms.

      Collect and sell the waste papers of the forms to any waste collector nearby who will recycle them. 

  • Q. Are there any cautions in using eFree forms?
    • A.
    • eFree forms can be simply applied in your sites. However, in order to ensure safe and secure form construction, be careful with any impact or damages which may be caused by moisture. 

  • Q. How is the eFree form construction cost-effective?
    • A.
    • Advantages of using eFree forms include an easy installation process over other circular shaped forms, materials that are lightweight yet have a durable density, which reduces the construction time period. For parking lots or jobs like this in particular, where multiple circular columns are constructed at the same time, using eFree forms shortens the construction period based on its outstanding constructability and further avoids any unexpected maintenance costs. 


  • Q. What are the strengths of circular columns?
    • A.
    • Cylinder-shaped columns reduce dead zones in closed spaces such as underground parking lots. Therefore, circular columns are useful to prevent crimes and secure parking traffic lines, providing better conditions for parking as well as aesthetic appearance of the space which also increases the building value.


  • Q. Can eFree forms be completely cut in cross section for construction?
    • A.
    • In some sites, irregular types are required for construction. For example, a semi-circular shaped column may be needed rather than a circular-shaped (cylinder) column. In such case, use a circular saw or a zig saw to cut on the markings of the form. Then, tape the cross sectional area and reinforce the lateral pressure with various stiffeners. By doing so, cutting in any shape is enabled for construction.


  • Q. How do we construct sloped columns?
    • A.
    • The tensile strength of eFree forms is high enough to ensure that the lateral pressure meets requirements.

      Process eFree forms according to the sloped angle and strengthen the cross section after taping for constructing based on the site condition.

      With respect to SRC type sloped circular columns, use steel angle as a supplementary material for safe and convenient construction.