A circular form that is processed in a semicircle.

efreeplus example

eFree plus consists of four sections, two for the inner surface and outer surface, respectively, and in a way that can be applied for SRC (reinforced concrete) structures. It can be recycled for up to four times and has been appreciated as a unique technology around the world. In addition, the product is standardized based on the specification of diameter of 2,200 mm and has been validated at various construction sites. Paper forms for adaptive reuse. It can drastically help the construction costs and period.


Material costs

Made by using recycled paper, the product is economical and can be adaptively reused,
making users feel great about the material costs, which has been a great burden, related to circular type forms.

Construction period

When it comes to expensive steel form, concrete is placed for segmented sections separately for the adaptive reuse of the forms,
even though it is possible to place concrete at once, which incur more costs than expected in terms of construction period, equipment,
and labor that will be mobilized accordingly. Economical paper forms resolve all those problems.

Construction costs

Made of paper, the form can be transported and moved directly by the installer. The costs for auxiliary equipment can also be reduced.
The forms are available in large sizes that make it possible to place concrete at once even for a pillar of 6 m. They can easily be
processed to a standard that is required at sites, greatly satisfying customers further in terms of construction costs.