Forms for circular pillar of steel frames

Forms for circular pillar of steel frames

In case of steel frame construction in which a form cannot be inserted after major parts of the frame are completed already, it is necessary to build the form by constructing it at both sides of a pillar. Previously, only steel forms could be used for the circular pillars of steel frames. However, eFree plus, which is a paper form, is developed in a way that it can be built in a semicircle structure for a circular pillar. Using eFree plus will help carry out construction more safely and economically.

Actual sites : New construction for Lotte World in Busan, new construction for the administration town for Yongsan County, and the new construction of the office building of SK Chemicals

Forms for the circular pillars in subway stations

Forms for the circular pillars in subway   stations

In case of subway stations, carrying down and constructing heavy steel forms decades of meters below the ground, which may causea lot of difficulties and risks in terms of safety. As a light and easy-to-process semicircle paper form, eFree plus will help drastically reduce such burden in construction.

Actual sites : Sorae Port Station site in Incheon, Dongbusan Station site, and the new construction site for Choigyewon

Forms for circular pillars when placing concrete simultaneously based on top-down method

Forms for circular pillars

In case of a circular pillar that needs to be constructed after a slab form is completed, it would be impossible to use any equipment,such as a crane, which causes difficulties in moving or installing the form at sites. eFree plus, a paper form, can be applied at sites without restriction based on a top-down method as it can be transported, installed, and dismantled easily without using any equipment. At various sites, eFree plus has been highly appreciated due to its workability, economic feasibility, and safety.

Actual sites : New construction site for Seoul Station for Incheon International Airport Shuttle Train, and a new construction site for Ace Techno Town.

Forms for circular piers

When it comes to the construction of decades or hundreds of piers for expressways, high-speed trains and light rail transit, long construction periods and huge costs, including supplementary costs for making roads for using expensive equipment for transporting forms, are required. In this case, shorter construction periods and light equipment are needed. Our eFree plus, a semicircle paper form, can meet such requirements and has gained attention from users.

Actual sites : Construction sites for Choongiu-Eumseong expressway and for Jeonju-Namwon expressway

Semicircle forms for circular pillars

It would not be easy to find light forms that are processed in a semicircle shape and not in a full circle shape. eFree plus, a semicircle paper form, has been appreciated as materials for buildings, for construction, and for interior purposes by professional engineers.

Actual sites : Interior work for The War Memorial of Korea